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Student Body President Training

Team Captain Training

Course Key Features

Hours of Content

Each course is loaded with hours of video and written content, covering a wide variety of topics that pertain to leadership development.

Easily Digestible

Content is broken up into short video lectures and organized so you can jump around to any section you want.

Self-Growth Activities

Each course is packed with assignments that will invite your students to act in the real world and build their leadership skills.

Supplementary Materials

Courses include extra articles, quotes, podcasts, and more to deliver a diverse and content-rich experience.

Open Communication

Got any questions? Need any advice? Our instructors are happy to communicate with you personally to help your students grow.

Free Updates

Courses are periodically updated with new content, free of charge to anyone who’s enrolled.

The Life Changing Teacher

A Message From Our Founder

   We all remember that heroic teacher that changed our lives. For so many, including myself, that is why we went into education. Through years of research around the globe, my team and I have unlocked the strategies of success universally implemented by Life Changing Teachers. Evidence proves that life changing teachers inspire students to reach their highest potential, raise academic performance and improve a student’s overall quality of life not only in their school years, but for decades after they leave your classroom. This is the true impact of an educator. Backed by my research performed at University College London and Cambridge, I will teach you the art of the Life Changing Teacher. What kind of effect will this have on your school, community and world? I invite you to find out! 

– Scott Catt,
President of Allazo Educational Solutions

Featured Speech


Almost Every Teenager Has Asked Themselves the Following Questions:

What should I do with my life?
How do I balance all of my priorities?
How do I find acceptance without compromising who I am?
How do I find meaning?
Am I prepared for college?
How can I overcome the habits that are bringing me down?
What do I need to do to be successful?

These questions should not go unanswered.

The truth is, it’s not easy being a high-schooler. These teenage years are life-changing in many ways, and filled with many challenges and responsibilities, both socially academically.

Teenagers are not alone! Are experienced team of Cambridge educated life coaches are here to help your student gain the confidence and skills they need to take the next step in their life! Our coaching sessions are fun, applicable and held face to face via the internet. Whether it be concerns about navigating junior high or high school to preparing for college, our coaches have one goal. Help teens succeed!”



Every school has a culture and sometimes that culture needs to change. What is needed are experts to help lead that change in partnership with the influencers on campus. Together with your student and teacher leaders, we will create, implement and follow through on a plan to make your campus extraordinary in its capacity to change lives.

Interactive Workshops

Actionable Plans

Questions and Answers

Personalized Instruction

The Leadership Revolution

        Stairsteps Back to Simplicity        

The Leadership Revolution takes you through the leadership cycle that has worked for countless individuals and teams throughout the course of history. The lessons, guides, and activities within are designed to be continually revisited to reach new heights. These simple, but profound principles will teach you and those around you how to reach your full potential as a leader.

If Not Now, Then When?

The How and Now of Leadership Development

The timeless concept of not putting off to tomorrow what can be done today is explored in this compact and thought-provoking work. Packed with resources, compelling ideas, and the evidence behind why organizational development is ideal, this book is meant to help you begin in the process of powerful organizational development.

The Essentials of Student Leadership

You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Meant for our High School and College audiences, this book is a straightforward resource build off some of the toughest questions we have been asked by student leaders across the country. Whether you are the Student Body President of a large University of a representative in a small town student council, this book will answer your questions and power your drive to help those around you succeed.

The Allazo Group: Empowering Lasting Change

The Allazo Group was founded on the belief that all people, everywhere can experience powerful, lasting change. Today our mission is to enable people and organizations to make those changes through innovative training solutions designed to guide them to their highest potential.
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